Al Burhan to launch Ideagen Q-Pulse system
11 June 2017

Al-Burhan Airways continues to work to be a benchmark and pioneer for aviation operation and safety in Iraq and beyond, and to always be the first in innovation and adopting international standards within Iraq’s aviation industry.

The latest Steps of ABA plan of operation expansion was to adopt Q-Pulse, Ideagen’s flagship software product for aviation safety and reporting, that will enable ABA to focus on complying with global aviation standards and achieving high customer satisfaction by fostering an open reporting culture that generates timely business intelligence, improves decision making and enables a rapid response to emerging problems.

The Q-Pulse software is an important requirement for ABA as we look to apply regulations efficiently, fulfill organizational vision, and gain an advantage over local competitors.

Q-Pulse will be utilized to cover both types of operations and will enable us to ensure compliance with regulations and reduce costs, especially in our first year as an airline start up.

Capturing passenger comments and complaints through reports and surveys will be another avenue of using Q-Pulse to monitor the ABA product delivery to ensure customer satisfaction.

We should see a real difference in our operations in the next few months, including a new standard library that will be developed which covers specific Iraq CAA regulations, allowing ABA to directly apply Iraq CAA regulations rather than depending on EASA regulations only.

It’s worth mentioning that ABA will expand its operations in the near future to include international scheduled commercial flights utilizing fixed wing aircrafts to regional and EU destinations.

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